What if you were to get in an accident, damage your car, and become disabled? What if your house was to burn down or your business was burglarized? What if something were to happen to you and your loved ones had to support themselves? Insurance helps to provide a safety net for each of these potentially disastrous situations.

    Protect Yourself

    Insurance has become a necessary and valuable part of our lives. Personal insurance, includingautomobile, umbrella liability, and property insurance, fulfills vital social needs and, in many ways, promotes public safety. By helping people restore their property and belongings to their original condition, insurance serves a valuable function.

    Obviously, insurance cannot eliminate or prevent liability lawsuits, much less predict them, but itcan protect the owners of homes, automobiles, businesses, and other property from the financially devastating effects of a lawsuit. Insurance cannot finance the purchase of a home, automobile, or business, but it can make facing the risks involved in owning a home, operating a vehicle, or running a company manageable. While insurance cannot prevent property from being damaged or destroyed, it can help provide the money to replace property or find a suitable place to live.

    Health and long-term care insurance alone cannot save lives, but it can help pay for timely medical attention and long-term treatment that may eventually save lives. Life insurance can help families maintain their financial independence by providing much needed funds when a loved one dies. Disability income insurance can help replace the income of a disabled breadwinner and preserve a family’s quality of life. In short, insurance can—and does—help protect individuals, families, and businesses from potential financial difficulty as a result of unexpected events.

    Lighten Your Burden

    People may buy insurance because the law or lenders require it, or because they want to know that they will be indemnified for unpredictable losses. The decision may be based on the amount of risk they are willing to tolerate and the amount of protection they desire. Simply stated, the proper insurance coverage can help to lighten your burden when facing difficult circumstances.

    To learn more about personal insurance coverage for your specific situation, speak to a qualified professional—because it never hurts to have a safety net.